A wonderful experience

February 14, 2006

I just had the best experience, it was so good infact that it is 12:42 on a college night and I am blogging about this. I was just interviewed by Ryan of the Expat Podcast at http://expatpodcast.blogspot.com and it went really well. Ryan is an English teacher who is currently working in Argentina. We had a very interesting discussion about current affairs in tech, general tech tips, talked about my interests, and of course the FTDC Podcast.

I just had the best time during the interview, relaxed and got into it. What was really nice was the discussion that Ryan and I had after we turned off the recorder courtesy of Gizmo Project. Along with some very nice compliments I recieved some questions about general tech issues etc, things I was happy to talk about.

Overall my experience being interviewed tonight I don’t think could have been any better. Thank you Ryan and I cannot wait for the episode to be released, from what I gathered from Ryan on the show, it will be an extra long podcast for the Expat Podcast when my interview airs.

Comments are welcome. -Sebastian


One Response to “A wonderful experience”

  1. xpatpod Says:

    Thanks for the interview and the comments Sebastian. I hope everything went well with the Kiptronic interview. Good luck in school, I look forward to more tech tips and tales from abroad. Adios.

    Ryan the host

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