January 4, 2006

Got alot done today. I learned a whole load at college about Macromedia Flash…I can get all sorts of cool things done in Flash now that I could not do this time yesterday. I also got the podcast 04 recorded and uploaded for download. When I listen to it, I notice that I sound quite a bit more confident than I was before, and I am using the intro that features “The Rays” a band that i am plugging through my podcast. They are releasing their music under a Creative Commons License which allows us podcasters to use it. I am really hoping to start hearing from some of the downloaders of my show, I don’t understand how no one has said anything, is anyone listening to the whole show? Do they hate it? I have opened a major podcasting deal possibly when I sent an email today, more on that if something happens. I don’t want to discuss it on the blog until it happens or dosnt happen. Also there are some other exciting things going to be happening for the podcast…going to be rolling out for next show…I am going to start working on that certain something right now…….


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