December 27, 2005

Well…Its the 27th of December 2005..all sorts of things have happened since I made an entry here. I became the proud owner of a Creative – Muvo MP3 Player…Whoo hoo…I have seen the new Calrkson Heaven and Hell and listened to George Lucas rattle on about how wonderful Star Wars Episode 1 is, and how they had 15 million for this, and sadly only 2 million for this…Well I am no longer a steady show podcaster. I will not be creating a weekly show and while you might say…how difficult can it be? It was actually stressing me out, and that..is not good. Looks like I am going to have to completly reformat my main partition on my desktop, this one has done well, well over 6 months and I am rough on my partitions, somehow I expect it to work everyday,turn on and shutdown without any problems and allow me lock up free use. Well the system has no locked up yet, and it hasnt realy had any trouble shutting down. It is starting to feel “mushy” you know like it could use a fresh Windows/Program Files partition. I have started to make the list for the programs I have installed…so I think tomorrow…will be a reformat..oh shit no internet day…We shall see….


One Response to “113572515534253247”

  1. Muvo Says:

    this site is really interesting, i guess i will bookmark it.
    Keep up the good work

    P.S. I didn’t knew where to write this so i wrote on the age which i found in Google

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