December 23, 2005

Well its been one of those days you know? One of those days when you can say, well i could consolidate this day with the day before becasue they kind of were the same day with a small break in between… Yeah well…not quite sure what to tell you…watched Titanic yesterday as a movie, then wated it with the directors commentary and then all the behind the scenes stuff… And I have decided to add yet something else onto my list of impossible things to do when you have no money and no film crew….lets see whats on this list….

1. College work….(Well duhhh)
2. My movie script I started in the beginning of November this year…
3. My other practice shooting, the enterprise scenes and such
4. My podcast…with the normal weekly show business (not as easy as it looks folks)
5. My Day in the Life of Max, movie project (Started..but gone nowhhere with it so far…)
6. My props…Gotta finish that Tpol scanner at some point, and I am saying its cold…but its not THAT cold that I can’t paint…
7. Just started filming scenes for another little production..this one involving water and chroma key and gonna be filming models….so thats going to be interesting…

So…I have a lot of my plate… So yeah…ummm back to work? shit its 11pm..its back to bed again..


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