Who am I? Why am I here….? I think I know this one..

December 20, 2005

Who am I? I hear the question, But do I know the answer to that particular query?

Well I am me. I am a guy…a teenager? The obvious stuff? I am Sebastian, no seriously, and nothing to do with the red crab in the Disney films… I am 19…so I got another year til I am not a teenager…

And your like, so what the hell is special about you??

Well, I am an American living in England…that sets me apart slightly in college…at least it seems to.

I am a media student..my interests are Radio Production, Video Producation, Internet, Geeky Stuff, Podcasting….

Hey…Wait a minute here….

I am a podcaster. I have a show called From The Director’s Chair, its a show about film, radio news and chatter with a side dish of tech and comptuer news. Its on its second episode now and be reached at the following address:


Check it out sometime and let me know what you think…..

Ohh….I am going to post a small biography about myself below here from my main website, instead of rewriting it..
About Me

I am originally from South Bend Indiana, USA and at the time of this writing I am 19 years of age. My family and I lived in South Bend until we moved to South Dakota, Arizona, and finally ended up in California for just under 5 years, where I attended High School.

For as long as I can remember I have been a Star Trek fan, not of the original series, but the later TNG, DS9, Voyager, and most of all the recent Enterprise. This was my first outlet for working with props and production. At the same time I remember I became interested in working with film and production and from early on I was modifying my toy tricorders and phasers to match more accurately to the filming props of Star Trek The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine, and Voyager still on the air at the time.

My roll models while growing up stemmed from Star Trek, Lt Commander Data the android on Star Trek TNG, but more recently the character or Jonathan Archer, from Enterprise has taken over that role. I take a great deal of inspiration from George Lucas, the creator of the legendary Star Wars. He started out as I did, studying film in college and creating amateur films and became the most successful filmmaker of all time, with the most famous science fiction film if not of all genres.

I soon started to get into building props out of cardboard, the only medium available to a 12-15 year old. I built all sorts of things from tricorders, to rifles to lightsabres, painting them the colours I saw on the TV screen.

Once I started using the Internet to fuel my growing obsession I found I was not the only one who was making props from Star Trek, in fact there was and is a massive online community! I soon became acquainted, some became friends with several prop building masters whose work is amazing. To this day I work with a prop builder who is a craftsman of amazing ability.

I have built many props from kits as well as scratch since this time. In the last year or so my interests have changed more towards to the production of film, but my prop interest is still here. I have been doing amateur film now for over a year utilising the props I have built or building for the films themselves. Now that I have been filming I prefer not having to worry about the props until I need them, and now they are, just “the props”, assistants in telling the story.

I have a extensive interest in the filming process including pre and post production. With the amateur film work I have been doing I have been doing all of my own editing, which migrated from Microsoft Windows Movie Maker, which is a very powerful application for most, to the Professional Adobe Premiere.

I am now working on a personal film project which I am writing, producing and directing, as it stands now however, I will not be performing in the production. I intend to cast real amateur actors once I have completed preliminary production.

From here I want to attend film school and become a professional filmmaker.

-Sebastian Prooth
November 2005

If you have any questions/comments stick em below…

Entries will now be diary…since this one tells who I am and why I am here…


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